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photo © Steven David Johnson


Dave Huth is a teacher, storyteller, picture maker, and whistler of jaunty tunes. He works as a professor of visual communication and media arts in western New York state.

Dave's undergraduate degree is in art and sociology. Following college he worked in journalism as staff artist at The York Daily Record (PA). There he received a real world crash course in the complex tasks of visually communicating important information to many diverse people. It was especially challenging because, as part of a dying breed of independent, family owned newspaper, his work informed a public conversation in which much was at stake. 

Later, he pursued his passion for image making and design into the commercial world of academic marketing and public relations, until determining it was time for more schooling. Dave wanted to become a college professor. 


He earned his MFA in Computer Graphics Design from Rochester Institute of Technology (NY). After paying his dues as an adjunct instructor for a couple years, he joined the department of communication full time at Houghton University. There he's developed Liberal Arts curricula and worked collaboratively with students and faculty from across many disciplines.


Dave has built a creative professional practice oriented toward communicating about the natural world. He's a born collaborator and boundary-crosser, obsessed with finding new and effective ways to combine conservation photography, science communication, digital media, and raw enthusiasm in ways that draw people into deep thinking and even deeper feeling about ecology and human life. 

Dave lives and works with his family and many other critters in a diverse, working class city neighborhood – a very short distance from the last recovering forests stewarded by countless generations of the Onöndowa’ga people. Their powerful persistence within the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy makes everything I love about this land possible.

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