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"Human communication is grounded in cooperative and shared intentions." – Wikipedia

Communication makes a humane world possible. There are many ways to communicate. One of the most powerful is through vision. Human beings are incredibly good at – and partially defined by – our ability to perceive meaning from a world of sights, and then represent what we see to others.



Field guide publication

Field guides are like signposts, pointing the way for curious travelers in a complex world of living creatures. 

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Public education materials

One way designers can fulfill their obligations to society is to collaborate on educational projects.

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Corporate and
Non-profit DESIGN

Organization documents​

Organizations, like human beings, have a reputation to uphold. This includes a responsibility to keep stakeholders informed.

Organization logos and design​

Small spaces can communicate large ideas about what an organization stands for, and what they intend to do in the world.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 11.50.59
CCC Logo text.jpg
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