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Samples of published writing: academic, professional, artistic, and personal.

Food webs
2017, “The Entangled Banquet,” by Dave Huth, Whole Terrain vol. 23, Antioch University New England (Writer, illustrator)
Conservation Photography
2019, “What's This Picture For?: Different Approaches to Conservation Photography,” by Dave Huth, NANPA blog (Writer, photography)
Science and religion
2013, “Heresies,” Whole Terrain vol. 20, Antioch University New England (Writer, illustrator)
Environmental education
2017, “Raising the Next Generation of Amphibian Aficionados ,” by Dave Huth, FrogLog iss. 118 (Writer, photography)
Conservation photography
2019, "Thinking Like A Conservationist," & "Storytelling 101," by Dave Huth, NANPA Highlights Series (Writer, designer)
Conservation photography
2016, “The Salamander's Smile: Photography's Powerful Role in Conservation,” by Dave Huth, FrogLog iss. 117 (Writer, photography)
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